Vat broke when cleaning?


Hi there.

Just got the Moai and excited to get projects underway. So far I have been making a few test prints and washed my vat for the first time. As a result the bottom acrylic frame came off. Does this mean I need a new vat?!
Any advice would be much appreciated.



What did you wash the vat with?

In a word: yes. You might be able to reglue it, but that should not happen with normal use and care. Contact Peopoly support or your reseller.


if not the silicon layer but the vat it self broke, you can either email or your reseller to get a replacement.
Be gentle =))))


I believe your reseller has reached out to us about this as well.

For clean, quickly spray / wipe with ethanol (preferred) or IPA (more corrosive so you have to work quicker and is enough. No need to submerge the entire vat into solvent. If it comes loose, superglue will do a good job bonding the panels. A related topic is not wiping your Moai panels with any alcohol.