UV exposure of Resin through the viewport

This is a bit of a strange question but I rearranged my office and the NOIR ended up next to a window. The window has metal shades and isn’t on the sunny side but still lets in light. I know the glass itself will block some UV and I assume the yellow view port in the NOIR door is either going to be acrylic (plexiglass) or poly-carbonate (Lexan). I know Lexan blocks something like 95%+ of UV while plexis is a lot less.

So my question is if the yellow viewport panes are going to block enough UV to inhibit or stop curing or if I need to consider covering over them with say a sheet of foil? I am more concerned about what might happen over a week or so of exposure than anything else.

With all MSLA printers, the acrylic windows should be blocking UV, however obviously it’s a risk that it doesn’t block it or doesn’t block enough (see: original photon with blue windows). If you’re leaving it next to a window I’d probably pull the blinds as a precaution or put some masking tape over the windows because I wouldn’t want to risk it.

it won’t be able to block 100% UV, so if there’s sunlight directly on it there would be risk that the resin goes bad ( being slowly cured)


That is about what I thought might happen if left exposed too long so I covered the viewports with some foil just in case. As interesting as watching it work is, I think on a day long print I can sort of miss the excitement of a look lol.