Using other resins with the Moai


So, I bought a crappy LCD printer for a couple hundred bucks just to see how it’d work out, broke after a few weeks of usage. So, now I have about 1000ml of sparkmaker resin to use. I did purchase the FEP Vat for my Moai so it should be able to print it, but obviously a UV laser is going to be a bit more powerful in terms of curing, than a UV LCD would be. I was wondering if anyone has used resins similar to, or has used sparkmaker resins on the Moai, and may have some profile recommendations for that, as I’d prefer not to screw up my FEP film on the first go-around.

If nobody has done this, I suppose I’ll be forced into the trial and error of the right profile, so this thread will serve a dual purpose in trying to get the Sparkmaker LCD-T resin to properly print on the Moai. But, if anyone has advice, feel free to share as I’m open to suggestions.



for DLP resins, what you need to change is the laser power, it works at about 42-43



Ah I see. I dropped it down to about 53 originally and ruined my vat looks like I was 10 off :joy::joy::joy:

Oh well, I needed an excuse to buy the FEP vat and easy level plate. Since you’re here I do have another question for you. Does the vat have any known leaking issues? Also, if the film breaks, how do you protect your galvos? As you know, resin is very sticky and gets into tiny cracks very easy, the clean piece of glass above them I cannot imagine would protect the components very well, have there been any steps taken to ensure the vat is solid? Or is there any cautionary steps you would recommend I should take?

Thanks for the reply!



the FEP vat have an Acrylic Back Panel below the FEP sheet, so it’s really hard for the resin to spill any where, even if the resin do get pass the panel it can only goes through the air holes which lies at the edge of the vat.
The galvos/laser set have a plastic protector panel included, as long as you don’t loose it, you are always safe
you can check out closely the FEP vat here:

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