Using Accura ClearVue Resin with Moai, Help Needed



My company recently purchased the Moai 130. I chose this printer because of its open resin system and modding capability. We make medical research devices for laboratory animal studies, and I work in the implantable division. We purchased a very expensive resin created by 3D Systems, Accura ClearVue, that is suitable for our implantation needs.

Unfortunately, I am having trouble getting this resin to properly print/cure with the Moai 130. I made sure the printer was fully operational with the Peopoly Model Resin before moving on to the Accura ClearVue. With default print settings there is no response from the resin in the printer. I have turned the laser power setting up to 80 and still nothing. To verify that the resin does in fact respond to UV at all, I placed a dab of it under the UV lamp and let it cure for about 10 minutes and compared it to a dab of the Peopoly Model Resin and discovered that it cures at a much slower rate than the Model resin. Knowing this I realized that my issue seems to be exposure related. I have been experimenting with slower print speeds by altering GCode and smaller layer heights, but I still haven’t had any good results aside from a little bit of thickening on the build plate.

At this point I am thinking I need a more powerful laser to get the proper exposure for this resin. If anyone has any suggestions of things to try, that would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I understand the this is a resin specifically designed for 3D Systems printers, but we are not a large company that can afford a $50,000+ industrial printer and we wanted to save on the cost of outsourcing the prints because for a single capsule it would cost around $100.

My Setup:
Moai 130
Easy-To-Level Build Plate
Heater in bottom left of build chamber
Software: Asura 2.2.2