Upgrades & Improvements


Peopoly has done a great job of responding to folks on both the forums and facebook. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them by having us share ideas for the Moai v2. What suggestions do you have that can make the Moai better?



My first suggestions:

  • Make the leveling screws accessible from the top.
  • Offset the tilt tray/vat to alleviate some of the suction force.
  • Wifi-enabled file transfer would be AWESOME!
  • Add a small strip of plastic along the frame to prevent drips from getting between the Vat and front door.


All awesome ideas.

I would like to see most of them integrated into the current model. An “upgrade” would be nice! :slight_smile:

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  • Open source or at least extensible firmware.
  • Open source or extensible software (asura).
  • USB Port for computer connection
  • Hardware option to utilize 802.11 device via USB port
  • Upgraded processor to provided capacity for firmware improvements
  • Internal permanent mount for heater
  • affix thermoelectric heater module directly to FEP vat. This would warm the vat directly, and would not require wasting energy heating the entire enclosure. Possibly including multiple heaters inside parts of the fep vat walls (the metal part).
  • redesign build plate and fep vat so that it provides self-leveling but doesn’t collect large quantity of resin on top.
  • Add rubber seals around middle plate so that spilled resin in the top area cannot easily get into electronics compartment
  • laser cut vent port into rear cover. This way you could easily attach an exhaust hose/fan. Use standard “dryer” vent sizes.
  • Offer option to purchase steel parts (in place of plexi and aluminum), or provide cad drawings for end-user fabrication. I would like to put my moai into my machine shop but it is very fragile.
  • Design resin feed mechanism. Long running prints require manual user intervention to prevent empty resin vat. This would eliminate the problem.
  • Consider option involving 2 or 4 lasers and galvo assemblies. The moai could cut each layer into quadrants and send each quadrant’s commands to a separate laser. It would greatly reduce print time and may open the door to creating a much larger print area.
  • Consider a larger multi vat printer. If the body was large enough, there could be a motorized lazy susan type vat mount that would accommodate multiple vats. The print bed would move up, then vats rotate to a different material, then z-axis returns to previous position. You could achieve multi-material SLA prints much like FDM multi material printers.
  • Investigate additional material resins. The current resins appear to be acrylic or wax based. Is it possible to incorporate glass fibers into a resin? Is it possible to use rubber or rubber like resins?
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