Updated exposure recommendation for Moai resin


Hi guys, we lower the recommended laser power to 58 for all Moai resins (Except clear and green which is 57). Setting and resin exposure were updated accordingly.

latest settings:

resin exposure reference:

This change should extend PDMS lifespan and reduce shrinkage during printing. However, if you find your print not sticking well with some supports failing, you can also increase laser power up by 1.
Thanks to the community for providing valuable feedback

What settings should be changed for different micron layer heights?


I’m actually having a lot of failed supports with 58 exposure and gray peopoly resin. I upped it to 60 to see if things go better.


If you can, increase z-reset by one instead of laser power. Also, what is the environment temperature when you run Moai?


it is a bit cold now, it’s probably around 16-17°C at moai location. I decreased the z-reset by 1 point to reduce suction.


Moai resin’s working range is 20 to 30c with 25c being ideal. 16-17c is too low. Do not change laser or z-reset. See if you can move it to a warmer place. Many 3rd party resins wouldn’t even print at 20c or less.

Moai Resin


well i am having lot of support fail to on 58
i am tested on 59 and still have fail support.

i have check the leveling is all good, temperature good, pdms surface also good.

should i go 60?


Sometimes support fails have to do with orientation and where you set it up? Also what Cura version are you using. Keep increasing laser power is not usually the best way.

The best way is to share your model set up in Cura with supports and orientation (in a screenshot) in a new thread and share the Cura profile that you are using (including what version).


Is there any reason a power setting of 59 wouldn’t work with peopoly white? I just swapped from grey to white, and things went badly. It didn’t stick to the bed, and the “cured” resin in the vat had the general shape of the part, but was quite gummy and undercured. I am rerunning one of my smaller and previously successful parts now to verify the performance.

This is my first time using white since Matterhackers was out of the grey I usually order. I suspect the resin may have gone bad because it was supplied in the older bottles. They were still sealed, but I haven’t received a shipment of resin in those bottles for many months.

I’ve successfully printed a bunch of parts the last couple days in Gray. All of my settings are as prescribed in the wiki with firmware 1.18, except for the laser power which I usually run at 59. I’m using the chamber heater, so my temperatures are okay. The resin was warm and well mixed before I poured it in the vat too. So the only variable I’m aware of is the resin itself.

UPDATE My second part printed okay, so I think the resin and settings are fine. I believe the problem was faulty GCode. I was watching my second attempt at that model and noticed it was starting at layer 2 for some reason. I re-prepped the file and am trying it again - this time starting at layer 1. :slight_smile: