Update on production and shipping

Hi Peopoly user,

With the outbreak spreading around the world, our thoughts go out to those who are affected. We like to give you a quick update on production. Moai and Phenom productions are getting close to normal paces. Moai is slower due to the laser module shortage, while Phenom finally has enough parts for both production and supports. We do not have any spare manpower to move Moai 200 at the moment but have parts for support.

The current bottleneck is shipping. With so many passenger flights grounded, there are fewer planes hauling cargos around. This has led to a significant slow down with express service as there is much less space. This affects Phenom more because Phenom is much heavier and in the >30kg such that is experiencing weeks of delay (for express service). We are looking for alternatives, but there are very few options at the moment due to the pandemic. Some areas may have express service resumes earlier than others, and we will ship based on whoever has waited the longest that could be reached.

The shipping for parts and consumables are on time