Upcoming update for Moai / Moai 200

Hi Moai users,

I have an update on the Moai / Moai 200 firmware situation. We have finalized the negotiation with the firmware developer who has left the team since the end of last year. The goal is to get one more update, based on previous year’s beta firmware. He has agreed to work on this over the next three weeks so we can take beta firmware from the previous year and finalize it. It has a lot of extension codes that are rarely used by most of Moai users but can be quite useful.

  1. Finalized extension code
  2. Modified Z-follow such that there are values that allow up movement during peel motion
  3. Fix Print Time bug
  4. Firmware update for both Moai and Moai 200

In addition, the Deft white resin developed together with Phenom can be used to print 200um layer height on Moai and the 200 for much faster printing. You would need an FEP vat for it, and it works on Moai and Moai 200. It is optimized to lower peel force on large surface area and is ideal for large prints. The Deft grey, while also ideal for larger format printing, cannot be printed at 200um layer height.

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Thanks Mark for the long-awaited glimmer of hope.

Above all, I have an important question regarding the revision of the Moai 200 firmware:

During my recent tests, I found that the firmware obviously implemented a routine to compensate for laser path distortion, but it is very inaccurate.

Can the equalization be adjusted or at least optionally switched off for an external correction?

I am happy to offer a collaboration.


Hi Mark,

thanks for your annoncement. I hope, that this will become true. You promised the updates for the Moai200 long time ago, and no action followed. I can understand, that the situation with the epidemic causes also a postponement. Let your ex employee do all the necessary improvements.

So please don´t dissappoint us!

Mark, is there a possibility to sum up our wishes and important points for the planned update? So you and all the users could be sure, that no important points will be forgotten.
If you need somebody for beta tests, don´t hesitate to contact me.

I believe in the SLA principle in future. With some modifications on the Moai200 it is possible, to get a really reliable printer to create nice and accurate models.

Best regards.


What’s up?..…………………………….

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We just updated the firmware for Moai / 130. some users have complained about updating and some bug fixes for the extension code.
you can download it here at the bottom of the page


Please note the bin file is now SLA_130.bin to make it distinguished from previous files.
If you could help test print and the code, it would be of great help.

@ad_fontec I could see if that is a possibility
@framecrack we are on this. So let’s make this one count. We cannot promise every feature can be implemented as the dev left the team to launch his startup. But while we got him for the 2 weeks, we will try to tie up loose ends. The extension code opens up the most of the basic functions of the firmware without open-sourcing (which the dev refused), so this is the best compromise we could get. It allows on the fly setting changes in gcode (laser power, for example), so it opens the door for more refined slicing.

Is it now possible to program the peel sequence?
I’d like to open this up for testing to see which works best.

  • Laser Stop
  • Z follow = -1
  • PM Tilt
  • Return to PM Reset
  • Pause X seconds
  • new layer Laser fire.

@peopoly : that’s all?? nothing about other issues and printing time improvement??

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Hi Mark,
you know the Story: You´ve introduced with the Moai200 an half-baked product and sold it to your customers. You stopped production after a very short time period.
I know that you could have a lot of help for free of for small money here from members of the forum to improve the Moai200 and you ignore it. I can´t understand what you are doing here.
We all paid a lot of money for your printer, for all the improvements, we spent many many hours to get the printer improved, and you are helping us desultorily.
You leave us standing in the rain!

So look forward to solve all the known problems!!!
If the two weeks with your developer are too short, so he has to work longer!!!


or @peopoly has to pay more developers, but what is sure is that is not our problem: we all have buy peopoly not completed 3d printer!
that clearly unacceptable

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  • optimised gcode so we can print files larger then 4gb please.
  • or figure out a way for firmware to read compressed files. in any case, the 4gb limit is restrictive for the M200 currently.

thank you

any updates? :slight_smile: You mentioned you only have the dev available for a short time, its probably a good idea to release a beta version before he leaves again.

This is long labor day weekend for us. And we are in for testing phase. @johnchen

the current test results are

laser power
peel action
are working correctly. laser power in particular would be very handy in setting different curing level for wall vs inner vs support

the plate movement works but not quite right. code needs to be updated.

We should have the possibility to install (optional) an endswitch for the upper vat position. I had yesterday my third case, that the vat lost the upper position and the print failed.

I would love to see a list of all moai acceptable Gcode commands once this is all done please.

This should be added to the wiki at some point

Hey Mark,

can you give us an update?

We are working on sort out the bugs with command listed in previous post

in addition:

  1. time should stop right after the print
  2. the negative z-follow action

not sure what you mean by endstop on the upper vat

Hi Mark,
the actual routine for the tilting motor is, when switching on the printer: Driving the tilt motor in the upper position on stall (what we can hear when turning on the printer). From that zero-position your routine only counts the steps during the tilting movement and make the same steps back to the upper vat position and hope, that this is the upper position. In my case, I lost a few times the upper position maybe during hard peel action, and the vat didn´t come back to the upper position. The print fails.
So we should have an contact switch like for the 0-position of the Z-axis to know after each peel action, that the vat ist back in the right upper position. This is what I mean, we should have that (optional) in your software, I want to install a sitch for the upper vat position.

I tested this version (Moai 130) a few days ago with a hard to print file. I added 12 seconds of pause before each peel with M1002 X12. That worked fine and the print came out good.
The firmware can only be flashed if it renamed from SLA_130.bin to 3DPrint.bin. There is no indication about the update, version is still “SLA-125 V1.18”. The timer is not stopping after the print. Please change the version number and document the updates in the version history.

Some time ago i made the suggestion to add the ability to toggle a pin on the mainboard with gcode, that shouldn’t be hard to implement. Can you add that please?

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That sounds like Peopoly does not own the code and does not control it. If that is the case, and nobody but the developer can modify the code, then this is going to be the end of software support for the Moai 130 and 200, it would seem, unless the developer agrees to more changes in the future. That’s not likely, if he’s launching a startup, especially if it will compete with Peopoly. Is it the case that he will not allow Peopoly access to the code so that someone else can take over maintenance and enhancements? Or is this basically the end of the Moai’s product lifespan? Did he also write the firmware for the Phenom?

A lot of questions, I know. But when an employee or company partner leaves and that causes a product’s software to hit a dead end, that is concerning.

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