Unwanted floating half cured resin - FIXED!

Hi, to everybody. I use to have that issue quite big amount of time and try a lot different options.

The solution to the problem came unexpectedly

So what happens -

  • My LCD scree protection became bad (after some bad print because of floating cured resin) so I start to looking for option.

  • My LCD is already 500+ hours. And I do have spare one on shelf. But I strongly believe that is not LCD problem. It should be something else )))

  • I bought this screen protection on Amazon

  • It is bigger so you need to cut it and yes it is thick. much thicker than original.

  • Apply electric black tape around to close gap.

Chamber Temp for Siraya Blu is 28.5 C
Room Temp - 22
Preheat with filled VAT - 30-40 before start to print

VAT film is from McMaster 85905K64 (0.002")

So far 3 of 3 prints perfect and resin completely clear like from bottle

Phenom L, Siraya Blu
Each print 35+ hours
Last one 56 hours

Here are some pictures.