Unwanted a layer of polymerized resin on all the surface of the vat

Good morning,

Everytime I print, whatever the resin I use, a layer of resin is polymerized on all over the VAT!

I use Peopoly Phenom L and I already protect the printer from the sunrays with a box I made.


Do you think it is a matter of temperature ? Would it be better if I increase the temperature during the printing ?

Would it be a matter of software ? I use CHITUBOX V1.6.4.3 Beta.

Many thanks for your help

Remove the resin tank and check whether the screen is leaking light? Dry printing (No resin) Observe whether there is a flicker on the screen. If you need further help, please contact us by email so that the peopoly technical team can help you in time.


Thank you, what is the procedure for the dry printing ? Should I remove the tray ?
When and where should I observe the flicker on the screen ?
What is the email of the technical team ?

The resin tank and platform can be removed to print models or test documents. Observe the screen. The email is: support@peopoly.net

Looks like we have similar issues, any luck with solving yours yet?

My company just bought a brand new Phenom L about a week ago and since, I’ve been having the same exact issue with the film of polymerized resin in the tank after each print. In my case, just making the switch from Elegoo ABS-Like to Siraya Tech Fast ABS-Like, seems to have completely eliminated the problem. However, I only tested it on a 5 hour print. I’m about to do a 24 hour print and will update if the problem still exists or not.

The equipment has a one-year warranty service (the screen, EFP, and resin are not covered by the warranty, they are consumables). Follow the recommended printing parameters for printing and the recommended resin usage. Printing will become much easier. If there is a spare screen, it can be replaced now (it is always recommended that users spare some consumables in case they are needed urgently).