Unable to print

Hi, everyone. Been having some problem with my Moai 130 that unable to get the object out, but support mostly printed fine. Might I ask anyone have good suggestions what I should follow up? I do not have any issue if printing the sample ring.

Printer : Moai 130 / Firmware 1.15
Resin Tray : PDMS
Slicer : Asura 2.24
Support : Default value from Asura
PM : 15
Laser : 58

Thank you.

Update your firmware to 1.18 and use the recommended settings on your printer. All info can be found on the Peopoly wiki page.

you might want to update the firmware to 1.18
the print fail due to the model failed to stick to the supports, increase the support tip size to 1.5 or change the model’s orientation

Thanks for the suggestions. Firmware Upgraded and tip size increased.

The entire print went through but it still not able to hold on to the supports for the middle parts.

I am considering:

  1. Increase tip size to 1.8
  2. Orientate the model by another 90 degrees

Will this be alright? Or does anyone have other suggestions?

Thank you.

OK - getting closer. I would print that straight up from the build plate with 2 lines of supports under.

@slmka lower that PM motor speed to 10, that should lower the peel force and get your model attached to the supports