UK Imakr orders not shipping


Just a warning to any UK people using Imakr-

Its now 11 days since placing an order with them for Moai grey resin- which is listed as a stocked item, shipping in 48hrs.

I have not had any responses from emails and they have failed to return my calls for an update.
If, like me, you rely on orders being delivered for ongoing projects on time, you will understand how bad this is for a service.

I think I would have recieved an order directly from Peopoly quicker- and probably cheaper too, even with duty.


I have a similar experience. Ordered a Moai kit end of December, website stated in stock. After placing my order, they said stock ran out during the holidays. Estimated dispatch was 1-2 weeks. During the last weeks they did not reply to my email requesting a status update.
I called last Monday to cancel my order, got an email back today with excuses. Did not yet receive a reply after stating that I want to cancel my order, but we’ll see how that goes.

On the other hand, I reached out to Hexagon in Poland last weekend to ask what stock they carry. They replied Monday morning, and replies to emails are very fast. They have everything in stock, although you can’t order through their website. I ordered on Monday, made payment, and it was dispatched yesterday. I’m expecting the Moai tomorrow!


yeah I didn’t bother using them. Phoned them a couple of times said I actually just wanted to buy a moai, they said they would do me a deal, didn’t do any kind of discount they said they would, then stopped answering phones. Just really awkward to use.

Peopoly, please get a better UK distributor.


yes, its an annoying thing to be selling product you dont own, and bad business practice all round.
At least be honest about it and admit a decent shipping time so we can make informed decsions.

Sadly, as this has happened to me on numerous occasions ordering PLA from them too, they’ve lost my future business. Shame.


iMakr got a lot and a lot of complains about this and you are not the only one, i usually only suggest iMakr if that user are based in UK,
only except for the US, you can always order from us directly


Thanks- yes I have ordered new resin with you directly yesterday.
Still no answer from Imakr - and yes, I am uk based.


Received the Moai from Hexagon today, the kit arrived in good order as did the additional goodies. Got the hardware assembled in 3 hours, tomorrow I’ll do calibration, leveling and the first test. So my experience with Hexagon has been positive. Still no reply from iMakr, though.

My suggestion to Peopoly; only place distributors on your website that offer the same standard of service as you offer yourself. You endorse these distributors by publishing them on your website.


How was import and delivery from Hexagon? I am in UK, but ordered from Peopoly direct. Would be nice to have a more local distributor.


Ordered on Monday, shipped on Tuesday after they verified my bank wire transfer. Arrived Thursday. No import charges as Poland is in the EU, but that will change for the UK after the end of March :wink:


Just my 2 cents
Ordered some resin from imakr .
It was DWS castable shipped next day (9-th FEB)I received it today in Bulgaria
Ordered also XFAB vat it was 2 weeks stock , shipped out today in 7 days.
I got my MOAI from hexagon and they sell DWS machines and parts too.
Both companies sell both peopoly and DWS.
The reason I choose imakr is that there is online shop and you can order single set of resin.
With hexagon they ask for 3 items MOQ and you have to wait for pricing and delivery time email.
For the moai order 5 months back I went with hexagon due to a lot better price than imakr.
Strange thing for DWS products imakr have better pricing
I am going to order 2 heaters soon (1 for moai and 1 for XFab, that do not have heating too) soon and I will try peopoly directly


HI, Just to say it looks like my resin ordered with @peopolysupport has already been delivered in the UK.
Many thans @peopolysupport for your swift service!

I have still not had any form of response from Imakr- will cancel the order with them today. Pathetic way to run a business.

A friend ordered an UP!mini printer from them last week, he is having an issue with levelling. Phoned the Imakr store he brought it from and they responded that they dont handle technical queries.

So yes, def spend your hard earned money elsewhere, with a company that appreciates your business.

On that note, I can recommened Dream3d in the UK @peopolysupport if you haven’t contacted them before about being a distributer. I can recommend them, anyway :wink: