Two bottles of Gray Nex are completely different

I bought 1L of Gray Nex resin through Matter Hackers. I just finished the first 500mL bottle, and found out the second bottle is a completely different material. The first one was opaque dark gray, and had pretty good toughness and flexibility. The second is slightly translucent with less gray pigment. It also seems much more hard and brittle. Shrinkage seems to be more extreme as well.

My question is: Which one is the real Nex? If Nex is the dark, tough material from the first bottle, I will order more in the future. If it’s the translucent brittle stuff, I will look elsewhere.


most likely that the brittle one is standard gray, a quick ring test with laser power at 58 would show the results, if it’s more overcured, it’s Nex

Dumb but necessary question: did you shake the second bottle really well? I usually drop a couple of stainless steel nuts into the fresh resin bottles and really give them a good shake before pouring into a vat. The pigment will settle at the bottom of the bottle and the nuts get in there and agitate everything very thoroughly.

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Yeah, I shook it well. And then when I saw it was different, I shook it a lot more but it didn’t change. Pretty sure it’s just a different resin.

@jeff93063 how does it go? did you figured out which resin type it was?

I am assuming the first bottle was Nex. The second is weaker standard resin. Hopefully this was a one-time error and next time I’ll get a whole liter of Nex.

This just happened to me, too!

I ordered a set of the Nex grey, and when I opened the first bottle it has no pigment in it, and the prints were coming out opaque. I contacted matter hatters, and they replaced it, and I sent the other one back.

hi guys,

Nex resin is heavy pigmented and needs to be very throughly shaken when sitting for awhile (can happen in a warehouse) Here is the instruction in Nex resin wiki:

give it a shot and see if you can get the pigments mixed

That’s a good tip, but this was not the case for me (and I assume mddwalker). I shook VERY thoroughly, especially after I noticed the different color. This is totally different material. I would return it, but I’ve already printed a few things and to me it’s not worth the hassle. Next time I’ll check both bottles right away.