Trying to update to Firmware 1.15

So i have been trying to update my 1.14 firmware to 1.15 for a couple days now.
I have tried 6 different sd cards. I have put Only the 3 files from the download on it
I put the card in the machine, then turn on the machine. It shows the logo then goes to the menu, no updating of the firmware at all.


heres the video of it trying to do a upgrade

That’s what mine was doing, too. It would not update firmware with either of the two Kingston cards I’ve had for a couple of years, no matter how they were formatted. Then I put the update files on the Kingston card that came with my Moai and it worked just fine. Until I know more about the situation with the different cards, I’m keeping that Peopoly card safe. I use my two older Kingstons every day for printing without any problems. Weird.

I tried the original sd card also no go. I have 5 other Sansdisk and have tried all of them, none of them will update the machine


Did you do anything to the Peopoly-supplied card? Like format it?

Nothing at all. Just removed the files to another drive and unzipped the firmware to the card

The provided Kingston card did not work for updating the software in my case. I went to store and bought the cheapest nobrand sd card and that worked. I use the Kingston card for gcode transfers from PC to printer and I keep the nobrand card for future updates.

Edit: Sandisk cards don’t usually work according to prior posts.


Gonna pick up another sd card today and give it another go. Not sure what to do after that if it doesn’t work. Its not a Kingston or Sansdisk.


So I got myself a Lexar sd card and it work just fine now.

1 more question: should I just keep the default settings for the new firmware or do I need to change anything?


Do the settings match these:

If so, you should be fine. Granted you may have to adjust the X/Y size to match the calibration circle, the Z reset position based upon the leveling guide results, and the laser power depending on the resin being used.

If you had any xy size calibration, those settings can be converted to the new firmware.

@Robert_Brittain, would you mind listing the exact model Lexar card (size, class, etc.)? I am also experiencing this problem but would rather not just start buying random cards hoping one will work. I realize there is no guarantee that even the same model will work for me (or even if you exact card will work in my machine) but I figure my odds are a lot better if I stick to ones others have had success with.

Its a Lexar Professional 16gb 95MB/s card. Bought it at Staples if that helps.


lots users report great feedback on this card:

we are looking to source these directly but found it difficult

Thanks. I got it to work using a Transcend 32GB class10. A suggestion, though, for the wiki. I recommend folks trying the update first with the card as-is and only reformat if that fails. In my case, I borrowed a card from a digital camera. It still had pictures on it and I didn’t want to clear it so I tried it with out deleting anything (DCIM directory still there) and it worked.

I just finished building my Moai and have leveled everything. Now I need to update the firmware to v1.15. I have also tried numerous SD cards. None have worked. I just ordered the transcend from amazon. I have tried a Kingston, a Lexar, and now I am attempting a PNY SD card. Any suggestions on how to make this a little less frustrating.

Try a full format using the formatter linked in the topic below.

The files on the sd card can be backed up of you can get them from the Wiki.