Trying to find a less brittle resin

I am printing “roof racks” for my “campervans” and am using Siraya Tech Fast ABS like White. The prints work well and are strong enough for there purpose but the clips are quite fragile. For myself to handle and clip them on to the camper is no problem. But for me to sell them, and for the customer to clip them on to the camper they could break.
So my thoughts are to make the clip stem thicker, this would be out of keeping with the design. Or to try a less brittle resin. I have not been 3D printing long and do not understand how to work out the brittle factor of the different resins but obviously it would need to be not rubber like.
I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction, I don’t mind researching the resins as long as I understand what information relates to the resin brittleness.


it will necessarily be brittle in resin …

Deft has some durability, but i think your structure is too thin to withstand any impact. if you need more durability, you could add Tenacious from Siraya Tech. Make sure you print all these resins on FEP vat.

I don’t think Resin will work for this application

A mix of 10% Tenacious with 90% Fast works well. Did try 20% Tenacious first but the detail didn’t print so well.