Trouble with what I think is over curing

Hi, I’m trying to print multiple sided dices. I have some trouble with these prints at first i thought it had something to do with the peeling as it makes a loud noise when the FEP-vat releases from the build plate. I later noticed a lot of goo around the base of the supports. I’m using Peopoly’s model resin grey in a room of 25-30 degree Celsius. What I’ve tried so far:

Decreasing laser power to 57 and 56.
Decreasing PM moto speed from 12 to 10
Decreasing PM reset position from 60 to 50

Nothing seems to work yet the strangest thing is at the first try it printed 3 out of the 6 dice and after adjusting these settings it printed 2 out of the 6 but different dice. Right now I decrease the laser power after each failed print to try to get rid of the over curing.

Any advice or related settings to tweek are welcome.

You need way more supports to keep the dice from ripping away.

Use Asura to generate supports and increase density and tip size of the supports.

Here’s a few steps that you can follow

  1. increase the support tips size
  2. increase the support density
  3. add manual supports if needed
  4. i’m assuming that you are using Peopoly standard grey, if you are worried about over curing, go for the ring test gcode to print and check out how the holes are opened
  5. z reset position to 1817

@Thierry_Laurentius_S I am having the same issue. Just posted here

Thanks i’ll try using Asura 2.1

Try using the new Asura 2.2.3. I think you will have better luck with that.