Trouble with v1.14 reflashing to older version

can someone link me to the older version of the firmware.

i have not been able to get a desent print out of it since the update.

Did you make note of or take a pictures of all of the settings and reset them back with the modifications in the firmware blog post after the update?

Did you remove the .bin update file from the sd card before powering up the printer again? Otherwise it will re-flash and reset the settings again the next time it’s powered up.

What problems are you having?

If you have all the settings set right you should be printing the same as before.

You could have the same problems with the old firmware as well if the settings are not correct.


x/y size has changed.
please check follow blog post for detail:

yeah thats not the problem. I took that into account
print won’t stick, have the first layer adhere to the bed then later layers are stuck to the silicone layer
releveld 20x times
I just want to flash back and see if the problem is in there.

What is your current z-reset position?

the leveling for the new firmware also changed. please reload the moai-check step from the user guide:
User Guide:

However, you could just, increase the z-reset slightly and see if works without opening anything up. say 1880 -> 1883 and vice versa. this is the exact reason why we offering finer steps on z reset position

Are you using the new leveling method? Don’t do the 1/2 turn tighten and the offset/reset together.
Do you strain your resin if you’ve had failed prints, you can get things floating around and hold thing up.

Just a quick response from my experience with the new firmware. When you adjust the Z axis do it one point at a time. I tried two points at a time and it was too much.
Also I relined my PDMS and did a re-level at 1880 but my finale setting for a successful print was 1878.

Hope that helps!

The new check steps updated the leveling portion:

and you skip without relevel and just go straight with 1880, it would have work with original leveling as well

Haven’t relined the silicone
As immediately that the 1880 wasn’t right anymore it ripped my silicone layer because of it. as quite a few people have experienced
Releverled for the first time.

Followed the “new” instructions for leveling aswell.
Multiple times.

Print is the base on the plate printed and rest is on the bottom printed on to the silicone every time. When changing the height or releveling I get the same or not even part printed on te plate but everything on the silicone layer even.

I just want to check if I’m doing something wrong with it and flash it back to 1.13 haven’t had any problems with that

I have flashed this firmware twice without any issues. I was on this new version for about a month. I went straight into the new version without re-leveling and using the 1880 offset.
Have you verified your resin is clean. Also if the PDMS is damaged and holding the build plate up you will have issues.

New bottle of resin and a new tray because the other one ripped.

I even switched between trays because I tought it was the resin…

I also always filter the resin when it goes back in to the bottle

Can mark link the 1.13 and let me try that?

My printer came with the V1.13 so I never downloaded it, otherwise I would share it with you.

Are you printing the ring test print? Slice up my test pattern linked in the following post and that might help you dial in your leveling.

I already send DutchProps

I must admit, I’ve had the exact same problem. I got some good prints with 1.13, but after I releveled after the 1.14 update, no successful prints. I’ve tried the new leveling method, and the old, and I just developed my own, which I will test tomorrow.

Quick question: What is the recommended setting for Laser Power? Seems like it was 61 on the 1.13 defaults, but 60 with 1.14. Might be part of the issue.

This would be a good place to start.

I set it to 61 for 1.14 since that was on 1.13 aswell.

I’m also glad to say that every print since flashing back to 1.13 has been perfect .

The only thing you changed was the firmware?

then 1.14 should work exactly the same,

if you set x/y size to 4 times of what you had in 1.13 and set z reset position to 1880

OK, problem solved. After a day of messing with calibration, I took a close look at my settings. The default settings from firmware 1.14 were off. I had to change X-Size, Y-Size, Z-Moto Speed, XY Speed Set and Z Follows to match the page below. And it’s working.