Trouble calibrating. Custom calib file in Asura does nothing


I have recently tried calibrating my Moai. It is currently quite out of calibration on the X and Y axes. Z is fine. Both X and Y are scaled up so much so that at the edges of the build plate it is off by up to 5mm.

I did the procedure detailed in the MOAI user guide where I print out the X/Y calibration piece and then hand edit a custom calibration file for Asura to compensate for the incorrect X/Y scale. Unfortunately, after entering new values as per the instructions, the calibration was not any better and if anything got worse.

I tried again but this time setting the values in the opposite direction (smaller instead of larger). Again, no noticeable change.

It’s almost as if Asura is completely ignoring the calibration file. Has anyone else tried this with success? Ideas?

Also, I would like to rerun the advanced calibration procedure but I no longer have my original vat. I only have an FEP vat. AFAIK, the calibration printout sheet is only designed for the acrylic vat. Does anyone know if there is a calibration sheet designed for the FEP vat?


Regarding the vat, I really don’t want to have to spend $45 just to get a vat just for calibration. Does anyone have one of the original vats that they can measure the dimensions for me? If I had the dimensions I could make one on my laser cutter. I just need to know the outer dimensions of the vat base, the thickness of the base, and the dimensions and position of the inner rectangle of the vat relative to the base. Would really appreciate it.


In the calibration guide there is a link to a calibration circle for the FEP vat:

For FEP vat users, use a specially made calibration file named:“calibration-circle FEP.pdf”

That should work for you, but if you still need the dimensions of the PDMS/acrylic vat, I have seen the drawings somewhere but I can’t find the link right now.

Here’s the link to CAD files for the Moai 130:

@Jordan_Correa check your circle test first, the link which @rowiac has given above, record it if you can

WOOT! Thanks Rowiac! I’ll try that today.

Following up. I did the advanced calibration using the printout that Rowiac linked. The laser was off center by about 3mm in both x and y and the y size was too large by about 3mm. This can easily explain my previous results.

I aligned the lasers and that brought my error down to within a few tenths of a mm.

Then, I ran the Asura calibration and reprinted with that calibration file. Now my errors are in the range of hundredths of a mm!

Thanks for your help! Much appreciated!