Transparent Orange Door?

I am curious about swapping out the door for a transparent orange one like the acrylic on the Form. Would this adversely affect the resin curing? Would it be more dangerous As far as exposure to the laser? I like the idea of being able to look over and check on the print progress without having to open my enclosure and the door to the Moai but I don’t want to install something that would have negative effects on the resin or my eyeballs obviously:)

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated very much.

Thank you for being such an amazingly helpful community btw, it’s what sold me on the Moai to begin with.

Nice! Finally you can see what the printer is doing, without burning your eyes :wink:

John Stevenson tested the door for UV permeability and found it good: (

What you really need now is a magnetic holder instead of the key switch and lighting inside.

Like this:

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if you are worried about the safety of the transparent door, just take it out, put a drop of resin under the glass and the UV LED on top
although even it blocks UV, it still emits a lot of blue lights so it’s not a good idea to stick your eye on for a long time

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That’s a very good idea. Thank you :slight_smile:

Just light up the interior and the original door is fine…at least for me it is.

Thank you for the input, but I already ordered the transparent orange door. I felt like it was a better alternative to lighting up the chamber since any light powerful enough to illuminate outside the stock door would likely put out more UV into the resin than the orange door would allow into the chamber. Considering all the tests done on this door through the Facebook page, I’m pretty confident in this decision. Plus it’s one less cord to deal with.