Tough resin v2 info?

i just got the email for the tough resin availability, already purchased 2, just a few questions as some if this info wasnt on the product page.

is it still 1liter per bottle (2x500)
what color is it?

i saw the video and the video showed black, but the product page showed a clear resin in a clear cup. if it is clear what dye(s) can we use to change the color?

thanks for the info!

it is clear and two bottles. it is clear so you can see through and color as needed. or just paint over since messing with color changes curing too

Sold out already… sheesh…:frowning_face:

Do you plan on restocking this formula anytime soon? I was anxiously anticipating to purchase this product, but I am eating the dust left by the eager community. I was too late…

we will wait for feedback from users and make the next batch based on that. Sorry that we couldn’t make more it is safer to pace when starting a new product line.

Hello guys!
Anyone know, what is the latest consensus on parameters for tough resin?
The wiki page says laser power 52-54
wiki page
But the resin exposure spreadsheet says 51 for Moai 130.

Which is the latest setting?
Thanks for the help!

it is about 51-52 like in the spread sheet, we will update the info on the wiki

Thanks for the reply!
Wiki also mentions only Asura can increase infill to 80% for Tough resin. Do you meen Cura? Because I do not find infill setting in Asura.
I find material density setting under Asura/preferencies/setup. Does this setting do anything with it?

the infill in Asura is pre-set in it’s profile, it’s unchangeable
if you use Cura, there wouldn’t be any difference seen from 70% infill up