Tilt test ends up in wrong position?

I have the Moai 130 kit, and I am stuck just before calibration.

The vat holder starts in a level position. When I power on and it does the tilt test, the vat holder goes down slowly, up fast, down fast, and ends up severely tilted (if the vat is in, I cannot pull it out).

Not sure what I did wrong. Here is a link to a video of it doing that.


i recommend gently twitst the motor axis so the vat reset and re-flash the firmware

Didn’t work. Acts as though nothing is different.

I purchased a Kingston 64 GB. Converted it to FAT32. Downloaded the files, extracted them to the SD card, and it still starts off slow down, fast up, fast down.

I ordered a different Kingston (just a 2 GB that will come as a FAT32 as opposed to needing formatting).

I’ll get back to you on Tuesday as to whether it works or not.

This didn’t work.

Is it supposed to end up at an angle after the tilt test?

Do I have wires switched somewhere? The Moai Firmware upgrade has comments on it that are similar to mine with no resolution or follow-up comments.

Tilt test video. Is this what it’s supposed to do?

My SD card matches the directions here and here.

We will be here to help until you can get this to work.
I would like to have some pictures of the PM motor of the Moai, please open both side panels to have the best lighting.
Try to re-assemble the PM motor, most likely it has been like that during the assembly of the Moai, make sure that the vat is not tilted while you assemble the PM motor. Also check if any screws are too tight/loose or anything that’s blocking the vat frame


Once you said that, I inspected the motor and it was installed upside down. (Not me! Someone helping me out, but I didn’t catch it.)

In my mind, the firmware was the issue, so I put the Moai on the back burner.


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