Tilt motor noise

Just finished the harware installation on Moai. When powered on for first time, the tilt motor tries to drive the vat up for a few seconds and I can hear the sound of the tilt motor skipping as it tries to push the vat past the hook. It then drives down and back up as you expect it to when doing a tilt action. Is this normal?
Video here


Sounds just like mine so I would say its OK! Been printing with mine for two plus months now.

Thanks Bobby_Allen, does it do that with every tilt action while printing, or just when it powers up?

Mostly when it powers up, but don’t be afraid if it makes a little noise when running.
I was concerned about it at first but as I started to print with it and getting excellent results my concerns vanished, here is a example of a ring I printed yesterday.



The detail of this printer is FANTASTIC and I must admit it’s the best printer I have ever owned!

That is reassuring. Thanks for your help guys!

wait until you see upcoming yellow resin!

What diameter are the holes on the printed ring?
On my test ring printing, many holes are closed.

it should all open, after it is dried.

share your printer setting/cura profiles (default?)

One other thing make sure all of the uncured resin is cleaned off, I use a cheap ultrasonic with at least 71% alcohol and keep it in machine for at least five minutes, and if all is clean I then cure the rest of the way with UV light.

I have never tried using isopropyl alcohol with the ultrasonic washing machine because it has always been disliked. do you use them together?

Yes and it cleans off the excess resin very well. And depending on how many and how big the objects are I change the alcohol bath every 7-10 days.

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Here is a normal power up video.

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Here my ring test result and my printer setting:


Unless your scanning area falls outside of the plate, try not to touch X/Y deviation. other than that, they look good. @Printeruser

ok I try to reset the standard values (100 100). Probably the circle will not come out of the vat but will certainly not be centered with it.

I’ve try to set the default value for the x and y deviation but the result doesn’t change. Can be the mirror damaged with the shipping?

your changes were pretty small so it shouldn’t move much at all. I justed wanted you to set it back to default that is all.

Ok but at this point what can i try?
I’ve already tried to relevel, change the print side and try with the new profiles but the defect is always there.