Thinking about buying the Phenom Noir. Should I do it?

What is your guys experience so far?

mine hasnt shipped in nearly 2 months

Same here. Still not decided between the Phenom and the Noir.
Phenom is cheaper to buy but am not looking forward to replacing a LCD-screen every 400 hours. The Noir is more expensive, has a (much) more expensive LCD-screen but it’s supposed to last voor 2000+ hours. And with it’s higher print speed, it’s output should be higher as well during that time.

Luckily, I still have a month or so to decide as they are not in stock (in Europe) as far as I know at the moment.

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Noir has the fastest printing speed, 25-30mm/hour, 50-70% faster than phenom, and the panel use time is as long as 2000+ hours, but its price is more expensive, you can choose Noir for efficiency.

i am in the same boat for Bermuda

No, I would wait on the purchase of a Noir.

I recently purchased and received a Noir. The first LCD screen went out after 3 prints and the replacement LCD screen, which took 10+ days to receive, went out after 6 prints. There has to be something wrong with their equipment. I’ve submitted a request for help with the second screen failure and am waiting to hear from Peopoly support. I will update this thread once I know more.

See my post above.

The Noir equipment is not reliable and has serious failure issues that need to be addressed. I know myself and other Noir users are experiencing LCD screen failures for no good reason. I believe it is a cable/port issue, but have no way to test this properly.

I can’t answer whether you should get one because that depends on a number of factors. However, the Noir is a solid machine and well built. I’ve had no issues with mine and it prints like a champ. Do you have the space for one in a warm room? Do you have silicone pads or a sink you’re prepared to destroy with resin? How do you plane to clean a large plate full of resin prints.

Do not underestimate the mess you’ll be dealing with and be prepared to buy a lot of alcohol to was the prints. I have a 40L ultrasonic cleaner and its still a mess. Machine is great though


Noir is the fastest machine we have at the moment. It depends on your need. Have 2 Phenoms running is nice two instead of one Noir with higher output.