Thinking about buying the Phenom Noir. Should I do it?

What is your guys experience so far?

mine hasnt shipped in nearly 2 months

Same here. Still not decided between the Phenom and the Noir.
Phenom is cheaper to buy but am not looking forward to replacing a LCD-screen every 400 hours. The Noir is more expensive, has a (much) more expensive LCD-screen but it’s supposed to last voor 2000+ hours. And with it’s higher print speed, it’s output should be higher as well during that time.

Luckily, I still have a month or so to decide as they are not in stock (in Europe) as far as I know at the moment.

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Noir has the fastest printing speed, 25-30mm/hour, 50-70% faster than phenom, and the panel use time is as long as 2000+ hours, but its price is more expensive, you can choose Noir for efficiency.

i am in the same boat for Bermuda

No, I would wait on the purchase of a Noir.

I recently purchased and received a Noir. The first LCD screen went out after 3 prints and the replacement LCD screen, which took 10+ days to receive, went out after 6 prints. There has to be something wrong with their equipment. I’ve submitted a request for help with the second screen failure and am waiting to hear from Peopoly support. I will update this thread once I know more.

See my post above.

The Noir equipment is not reliable and has serious failure issues that need to be addressed. I know myself and other Noir users are experiencing LCD screen failures for no good reason. I believe it is a cable/port issue, but have no way to test this properly.

I can’t answer whether you should get one because that depends on a number of factors. However, the Noir is a solid machine and well built. I’ve had no issues with mine and it prints like a champ. Do you have the space for one in a warm room? Do you have silicone pads or a sink you’re prepared to destroy with resin? How do you plane to clean a large plate full of resin prints.

Do not underestimate the mess you’ll be dealing with and be prepared to buy a lot of alcohol to was the prints. I have a 40L ultrasonic cleaner and its still a mess. Machine is great though


Noir is the fastest machine we have at the moment. It depends on your need. Have 2 Phenoms running is nice two instead of one Noir with higher output.

I’ve been using my Noir for a few months now. So far as advertised and a bit more. When I got mine between covids and the demand for the Noir they were real hard to get one. That would be my only complaint so far lol.

And I had to use alternate resins as the Deft just wasn’t available here yet. That turned out to be a bit of a blessing as my layer time has been as low as 1.5 seconds per (and still slightly over exposed so could be lower!). It is FAST!

It seems to be a well built machine and I really was expecting teething troubles as it is so new etc but so far mine has just worked which is all I want. I needed the large volume and would have grabbed a XXL if it had been available and my only alternative was a commercial grade machine at $85K so I was kinda happy spending ~$3K !

I think my only complaint if I have to make one, would be that it is still so new that there isn’t that much information available yet. Somethings you look up to figure them out and end up looking at a different machine even though you searched for Noir. I would imagine in a few months that will be a non issue.


I there, just about to order a Noir, Can we have some updated reviews on this model ?

Seems that they are either fine or a nightmare ! Is it just luck of the draw ?