Thin film covering build plate

Hello. Has anyone seen this issue? The build plate gets a thin layer of resin that is skin like and pliable. I am thinking that the new laser I installed is being reflected out somehow lightly curing a .5mm layer? The prints are still coming out correctly which is good. Could it be the mirrors? Or maybe the fep is diffusing the beam? Any insight is appreciated.

I suspect accumulated up light leakage through the clear resin. A more opaque resin wouldn’t allow as much excess light to bleed through the rest of the tank.
Could also be your FEP film is cloudy and diffusing the light across the bottom of the vat but I suspect the first case is more likely.
You could try turning down your laser power a bit. Peopoly does recommend a lower setting for clear for this reason I think.

the thin layer usually only appear on some types of resins
overall, it will not affect your print quality, just make sure to clean the debris that might fell out

I had a slight discoloration on a galvo mirror that I could not see until removing the side panels, once I cleaned it and visually inspected it as I had cleaned it previously it is working great.