The printed model loses its shape after drying

Hi everyone, just faced with a problem with printed models on Noir printer, using Deft grey and Neo clear resin with recomended setting from official peopoly guide but model just change form after 1-2 days. For after-cleaning I’ve been using 90% alcohol for 20-30 seconds then compressor to blow away any alcohol residues on the surface and the last part is 1-3 minutes inside the custom box with UV LED’s, everything looks fine after postproccesing but after 1-2 days models change his initial form, facets bends becaming looks like on the picture:

If someone could help to tell me what I am doing wrong or anything, I’ve printed 4 models with different form and no luck with resolving this issue. Thanks a lot! (Forgive me my english)

Do not use too high a concentration of ethanol to clean the model. Especially Neo resin, which is similar to water-washed resin and is relatively easy to deform. This is the resin manual.
Deft user guide

Neo user guide

Ok, thank you, I’ll try…

I don’t think the issue is the use of concentrated alcohol based on the description. After 20-30 seconds - was that enough time to wash away all the uncured resin? It should be completely dry and not have any uncured resin sticking to surface (sticky or wet areas after you blow dry).
Another issue might be uncured resin on the inside of the walls. Were the walls hollow or solid? If those were hollow then uncured resin might cause this as well. Either maker the walls solid or provide drains holes big enough for your cleaning solution to wash away the resin in the hollow areas.

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30 second make model quite clean from resin remains and official resseler doesn’t recomend wash it longer, anyway We’ve tried a different time and drying it using air flow.
Model’s walls and whole construction is solid. We’ve tried a different concentration of IPA and Ethanol, even water and some chemicals with no success, I guess large layer area create a huge mechanical stress inside construction that made me print prototypes using tilt angle 30-45 degrees which change layers size and influence on each other and situation was well improved but not perfect still. So we keep fighting with that problem trying change print parameters, different post-processing conditions and other… Any thouths will be helpful for us… Thank you a lot!

This model was printed with Deft resin, light supports, solid walls, angle 45 deg, washed with IPA and you can see the same problem.

I wonder if you have let it cure long enough. Try increasing the cure time (1-3 minutes may not be enough time depending on your setup).

Check this out.

We also tried to increase exposure time to 3 seconds in print settings, releasing model from support was harder and after model has been cleaned and dried (we’ve been using UV camera with 408nm LED’s for 2-4 minutes) we got same results next day (but current settings we tried only for deft resin)

Maybe it is time to try a different resin - SIRAYA TECH?

Have you tried post-curing in a glass water container for a more even result?

We are thinking about Siraya Tech ABS like, sure we’ll try it…
What about glass container - can you give more detailed information?
That’s very kind of you, Thanks!

Curing in Water:

Interesting… I’ll try it. Thanks a million

It is recommended to use engineering resin for printing. After the printed model is cleaned up, the support can be removed after drying and curing. This can reduce model distortion.