The print objekt sticks to the VAT in every layer

Hello to all of you.
We have at the University a MOAI 130 Printer and I am using it since a couple of weeks.
I have noticed something and I am not sure, if this is normal, or the Printer has an issue.

When I print a piece relativly big, the piece sticks on the VAT and after every layer, which the VAT moves to mix the resin the piece comes off from the VAT and make a noise. Nevertheless that it is not affekt the print and the printer continues normally. I would like also to mention that the VAT is new and i have printed with that only 6-7 times. The Resin that I use is that green from Peopoly.

Is there a problem with the printer or it is normal to do that?

Thanks in Advance!

Hi @ioannislab, i’m having a bit trouble understanding what you mean
If you meant the big “pop” sound after every layer, then it’s normal if you are printing a big model

Exactly, that is what I mean. The Printer makes a “pop” sound after every layer, like “pop corn” but not so loud.
Thank you for the Antwort!