The design choices of the new build plate is rather annoying


This all really comes down to clean up, lots of crevices for resin to get into. Even before washing the plate the hinge area makes resin contact, where as the original one (although much harder to level) is not nearly fully submerged. This might sound nit picky, but here’s what led me to posting this. Whether it effects the resin or not, the supplied black bolts rub off their black material and not to mention the resins are making contact in pivots/threaded areas where there are bolts.

The next design iteration (which I hope their is going to be one) needs different bolts if possible and the hinges shouldn’t even be close to making contact with the resin. My solution for cleaning is using a bucket I sacrifice to be the dirtiest, I don’t even clean the bottom of it. I take the plate with printed part still attached and wash the heck out of it with soapy water and a brush. For a first pass this removes most excess resins on the model and plate. It will also keep my IPA cleaner which is what I move onto next after washing off the soap with water.


The best way to clean would be put the whole thing in alcohol and use brushes. Make sure it is dry (use blower) before using it again. We added guard to the build plate which is often missing in many other designs and it blocks off a lot of resins from dripping.

The balance between giving the plate more volume, less dripping and hand guard. Without the slanted side, the resin will drip much easily. We could make it much thicker but the cost will increase quite a bit.