Thank you Peopoly & Happy Holidays all!

Happy Holidays Moai, Phenom, Siraya community!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Mark Peng ( the main man ) & all the Peopoly team for their hard work in 2019 and share a little story.

With their products I have been able to take my ideas from digital into reality within a matter of days, its incredible to think only a few years ago, this would not have been reach for normal folks.

The 3D printing community can be a picky bunch, we are always demanding more for less. And I think its easy to forget the people behind the product making it happen.

Mark as seen in the Tested video had just flown from CN to USA lugging around a GIANT 50kg printer to get to the shoot, looking tired & weary you can tell he is still proud and passionate about his products.

I thought it would be a fun idea to model a caricature of Mark in the design of the Moai head test. :slight_smile: This was done in a few hours, and put to print on the Moai overnight.

In the morning I had a perfectly printed physical representation in my hand, AMAZING! I need to remind myself a few years ago this was just a pipe dream.

On behalf of the community please join me in thanks to Peopoly for their hardwork and support

Print your own Mark Moai head STL!!

Hollowed / no support required / print on bed.
Use something sharp and thin to remove it, it should pop off.