Tape for the LCD Screen on the Phenom

Hi Everyone, I am soon going to install a replacement LCD screed on my Phenom and am wondering what tape to use to fix it to the build platform.
I live in the UK and it seems to be impossible to buy 3cm wide gaffa tape, I have searched everywhere I can think of.
My options are to use 4.8cm wide tape and trim it around the Vat screw posts on the sides and trim around the rail plinth at the back. If I use 4.8cm tape it is about the same thickness as the original tape.
Option 2 is to use 2.5cm Gorilla tape which I think is just wide enough for the front and sides but would need 2 pieces at the back to cover the opening. The Gorilla tape is much thicker than the original tape so I’m not sure if this would affect the pressure between the Build Plate, Vat and screen. Just thinking Peopoly choose to use the tape they do for a certain reason.
If there are any Phenom user’s who live in the UK and have replaced their screen could you give me a heads up on what tape you used and if you had to adjust your settings if the tape was thicker or thinner than the original tape.
Hope someone can help advise me on which tape to use.

The requirement for tape is:

  1. block UV light completely
  2. can handle abuses and wear
  3. thickness is less than 0.13mm so it does not affect leveling
  4. not too wide but wide enough. 2.5cm-3.3cm wideth is a good option.

minimize overlap when taping so it doe not affect leveling

We ship with the black heat resistant tape because it helps to secure the panel.
We recommend Kapton tape for printing. here is a 30mm option that works well

Thank you peopoly_support3,
Ive ordered a roll, should be good for a few replacements.