Switching from PDMS to FEP for Moai

I am considering switching from PDMS to FEP for my Moai. I have a few questions:

  1. Is a silicone gasket included with the FEP vat? Is it needed?
  2. Is the bottom solid or if there is a puncture in the FEP will the resin bleed onto the galvo system?
  3. What does the advanced acrylic plate do for the FEP vat? Is it worth the extra money?

Looks like it will cost about $150 to switch it out (with the advanced plate, a couple of extra FEPs and shipping). For others that have switched, is it worth it?

I stocked up on resin and plan to do a lot of printing in 2020.

1, silicone gasket is included, it will come pre-assembled FEP vat
silicone gasket acts as a seal for leakage, so it’s very important

2, the bottom is a acrylic plate underneath, however if the puncture hole is to big or it got ripped, resins can still leak through vent holes of the acrylic plate

3, advanced acrylic plate has a layer of PDMS on top, which combines the best of both PDMS and FEP

FEP is compatible with a variety of resin type, even DLP resins.
much longer lifespan than PDMS
only FEP sheet that needs to be replaced, which can be easily be bought

3, advanced acrylic plate has a layer of PDMS on top, which combines the best of both PDMS and FEP

Will the PDMS cloud from the laser and cause the same issues I have now?

No, the only thing that need to be replace will still be the FEP sheet, that PDMS layer is made to stay

Ok, switching to the FEP vat now. Do I need to remove any protective film or anything else to start?

if you purchase FEP vat and it came pre-assembled, it should be a “plug-and-leveling” piece

Can you confirm? There are bubbles and streaks in the vat. It looks like there is a top layer to peel off. Will the bubbles and streaks affect the printing?

If we’re looking at the same thing, that’s the PDMS layer, which you definitely do not want to remove. The FEP won’t be invisible when it’s laying on the acrylic, and from what I can see in the photo, it looks fine. You’re ready to print!

Thanks. I have not printed with Peopoly FEP before… Only Anycubic Photon.