Supports fusing? Edit: Fixed

So, I’ve recently swapped to the FEP vat. Asura 2.22 and the recommended supports parameters and printer settings.

But I’m now getting fusings between my supports. Leading to clumps of excess resin underneath my prints; making it effectively impossible to clean.

This wasn’t the case with my initial attempts with the FEP vat months ago, nor was it the case with my acryllic vat either period of time in which I used it.

Edit: I’d also like to add. The models print fine. They print better than they ever have. It’s just the supports that go all screwy on me.

Edit 2: Asura 2.22 was the problem. 2.1 works fine again.

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can you try this model using Asura 2.2.3 beta?:

Interesting! I just saw this after I posted. I was using 2.22 as well. Was it causing the supports to fuse to the model?

I might try downgrading back to 2.21 as well

Yep seems to be the issue with 2.22 that it just decided to fuse everything

Use 2.2.3 it has corrected this issue of fusing supports.

Cheers will upgrade to 2.2.3 right now

Hey, @peopoly 2.2.3 is still fusing supports. Will attach pictures momentarily.

@peopoly @peopolysupport used supports in 2.2.3 but also additional material fused to the print surface.

Vat temp between 26-30c

Do you remember when you downloaded 2.2.3? There was an update for 2.2.3

If you do not have this version, Delete your old folder and download this one. Let me know if this works for you.

Trying this version. Wasn’t aware that 2.2.3 was updated. I was on the first version of 2.2.3

That appears to have helped. The one thing I did notice and maybe you are still working on it is the Printing Time.

The print stated it would take 1hr 35min and 47sec @100 microns. It actually took 5 hours for a model that was less than an inch tall. Any thoughts on this?

It is not possible for Asura to estimate the print time reliably because the software does not know what printer settings you have on your printer (tilt speed, lenght of vat movement between layers…). But yes - it could be better by assuming that recommended settings are used.

Yeah I’m using basic settings. It could be better at that.

I was about to post about the same problem and then found this. I’m guessing I am in need of an update also…