Support Posts Separating from Base/Raft


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Hello all,

I’m having problems with support posts separating from their bases and/or the raft. I’m directing this question to Peopoly support and Lyndondr who was involved in several discussions addressing the problem that I am having.

First, let me say that I have NOT changed any of the default V1.18 firmware settings other than Z-follows. My build plate is level (test cylinders at 10.7mm +/- 0.04 (I’m going to re-level to get this within +/- 0.02)

Previous posts that I could find on this issue:

I am working through some of the suggestions in these posts but haven’t gotten through them all. The problem I’m having is almost identical to those mentioned above. Here are two pics of two tries of the same print, one with Z-follows turned on, the other with Z-follows off (per one of the suggestions). The layer height is 60um.

Z-follows = 10

Z-follows off

Note that the failures are happening on the left side of the plate, closest to the hinge of the vat.

This failure also occurred on a print that was automatically supported and sliced from Asura 2.2.2. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of that one. Again the failures were on the the left side of the plate. I thought that the support posts may have been too thin, so I created manual supports in Formware using a 3mm post.

I took a look at the GCode as well. Here are the layers at the point the post appeared to have detached:

Layer that remained on on the build plate:

First layer to detach from base.

Is it possible that the post is too small compared to its base and that suction forces are somehow peeling away the smaller layer?

As I said, I’m still working through some of the suggestions in the other posts, but given that they didn’t have a final resolution, I’m not sure if the op’s solved their problem.

Thanks for your support!


Print failure - FEP Vat - What am I doing wrong?

Hello @Maximus_Turtle Try updating to Asura 2.2.3 We have fixed the preset support structures in the new version to help with these issues. Let us know if this still persists after the update.




Thank you for the quick response!

Let me clarify that in the example above I did not use Asura to generate supports. As I mentioned, I used Formware 3D to generate the supports, exported from Formware to STL and then sliced in Asura. , I did use Asura in a previous attempt (not shown above) and also experienced support detachment at the left of the plate. This is suggesting the the issue isn’t related to software but rather is due to some physical variable. It might be the resin I’m using (Peopoly Gray), laser power, plate level, tilt speeds, etc. I plan on experimenting with these properties and will report results here. My first step of turning Z-follows off (set to zero) did not change the outcome. My next step is to re-level my build plate; I will report back with results.

NOTE:. I just tried slicing in Asura 2.23 on Windows 10 and no GCode was exported. The progress bar appeared briefly and then just disappeared. Will add to/open another thread after doing some more troubleshooting on this.



Thank you for clarifying. And I will await your results.

Another option is to try generating supports in Asura, export stl and slice in Cura.



Quick update on this issue:

I’ve completed re-levelling and am within +/- 0.02mm of 10.7mm on all pillars. In addition, I increased the PM reset to 65 per the suggestions for the FEP vat here: I returned Z-Follows to 10 as this did not appear to be the issue.

For my first test, I printed the pillars provided in one of the other threads:

No issues here.

Next, I updated my initial print to include a greater number of thinner supports. The supports were generated in ChiTuBox and the model was sliced in Asura. Here is the partial result (left side of build plate is closet to the camera):

As you can see, supports in one area are not sticking to their feet.

Per another suggestion, I next increased my Z-Reset position by 1. Here was the result:

Some of the supports that were not sticking in the first are now attached, but I see two others that are now detached.

The problem appears to be with either the build plate or vat in that area. Given that the feet are sticking to the plate, I can only assume that something is wrong with the vat.

I’m going to keep increasing my Z-Reset by 1 and test each time to see if more supports remain attached. Will post updates soon.



Looking forward to the new results. But until then, Can you post all of your settings on the Moai for us? Also what type of resin are you using? Make sure to mix/ shake it up really well to ensure pigment is distributed properly, that will also cause issues if it is not mixed well.



Yep, I’m shaking the resin for 20-30 seconds between failed prints, in addition to scraping off the resin that cured to the FEP film.

Here are my current settings:

Also, here is a result at the current Z Reset of 1824 (the initial Z Reset was 1820).

A little bit better, but still a failure. I don’t want to increase my Z Reset too much for fear of breaking the vat, so if I can’t get good results within a few more tries, I’m going to switch to the PDMS vat (after relevelling) to see if it is indeed a vat issue. Also, before I switch, I’m going to move the entire print to the right of the plate and see if the failures are still localized to that one spot.



Your FEP should have a Z reset written on one side of it. What does that say? Also, here is a reference of where My personal Moai setting are at with FEP and Easy level Build plate.



Here is my result of moving the print to the right section of the build plate:

Looks good! No failures. So the problem definitely seems to be affecting that one are of the plate/vat Moving the print on the plate fixes this issue temporarily, but I want to be able to use the full volume of the printer without having to worry about support breakage.

Regarding the Z Reset, my vat lists it as 1816; however, when I initially dropped the easy-level plate to that position, the plate didn’t make contact with the bed. So I increased the Z-Reset until I could tell the plate was barely making contact (I think it was 1819). I secured the easy-level plate and then incremented the Z Reset to 1820. In hindsight, I probably should have used the leveling screws to move the whole tray up towards the plate…it’s possible that I have the height of the tilt tray in relation to the floor of the interior too low. My understanding is that it should be flush before starting leveling. Here is an image:

Does the height of the tilt tray look correct in relation to the floor?

I also noticed that your PM moto speed and PM Initial Speed are a bit lower than mine; I will update my settings.

In addition, I was reading back through my post and forgot to mention that I had changed the FEP film (I found a tiny hole in it after one of my prints and resin was leaking in between the film and the acrylic plate). So I did have the vat disassembled to replace the film. I used one of your online videos demonstrating the process to make sure I did everything correctly.

I’m going to test with the PDMS vat ( with re-leveling ) to see if the problem appears there as well.




I switched over to the PDMS vat, and don’t see any issues with support separation at the original location where it was failing. The FEP vat must be damaged, or something went wrong when I was replacing the film. For now, I’m just going to use the PDMS vat; I actually prefer working with this vat as it’s not as bulky. Also, because it’s clear, I can check the print earlier to make sure there are no issues.

Thanks again for your help.