Sub 300um Internal features, solid infill print

Hey there everyone, thank you all for all the advice on this forum. So much to take in, lots to learn yet bear with me.

Im trying to print a small block with internal perforations in clear resin. The features are about 230um all the way through, ideally 100um. Any advice on how this could work or reasons why it won’t? Thank you in advance for any advice on this.

This is a picture on moai profile in recent cura for example.
I have been using the latest asura for slicing.
Have 29 deg C static.
fep vat with classic build plate.
10.70/10.80 leveling.
latest firmware.
Likley standard fep settings cant check atm.
laser power 57 on this
ring is a little sealed, half are good figured it was just my cleaning method.

Thinking of dipping the power, trying faster internal walls or no walls in cura. Or a more opaque resin, clear would be ideal to verify perforation structure.

can you show the full model?
every sides would be better

The model


What I’m trying tonight , had it vertical on supports before. I am also trying both 60um at regular 100um at various powers.


this orientation is better, if you can chamfer the corners that would be easier to print