Studio scale Romulan Warbird

Here are my lasted project for a client printed on my awesome Phenom L. I am in process of making a video online as a 1 year after use review. I have made some incredible projects with this printer and it’s the most reliable printer in my possession. I have so many companies sending me printers now it’s crazy. But Phenom is still number one. This is a 500% Romulan Warbird that has fiber optic lighting, glowing nacelles and will be painted to exact movie specs. I am one of a few that have the privilege of having the accurate paint codes for all Star Trek models in the franchise. I can’t share sorry I’m under contract with Paramount and Sony with a gag order. I did restoration work for them years ago. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Sorry the video is not out yet I have been extremely busy!

Uploading: 9A423328-0B9B-437E-9C50-F5473545148C.jpeg… Uploading: 940FA4E3-0ED3-4B8B-91C5-E69E0DC915AF.jpeg… Uploading: 7D50DAC1-0440-4CD9-B7E3-4B53593D3216.jpeg… Uploading: CD1B875C-2EAD-40EA-A87A-41A93445B4E6.jpeg… Uploading: CC777768-A3A0-46FD-8135-298E4741F613.jpeg… Uploading: 66EFFA89-DAB9-40DA-83FD-A7AEFBD56C19.jpeg… Uploading: FBA32B7E-41EA-4DD0-BA65-0CD2CB576F16.jpeg… Uploading: CF82002C-AD18-4D07-B666-91BC85614781.jpeg… Uploading: FB9B9E23-CD46-40F4-A788-E825B6307FDE.jpeg… Uploading: AE145C3E-C17C-4E8B-8235-5C68EA0D1D1D.jpeg… Uploading: 417E4883-CDD3-4410-96BE-861CB6775326.jpeg… Uploading: D15F3B95-409C-494D-B675-7E972C859178.jpeg… Uploading: 86812EC1-FDB5-47CD-AC63-5231DFB97AED.jpeg… strong text


This looks fantastic, I can wait to see more!