Strange print failure -- help?


I’m wondering if someone can help diagnose a strange print failure I just had:

It’s supposed to look like this:


It looks like part of the supports just stopped being exposed at exactly the same time? Like one part of the model just stopped getting exposed for a while, but then started getting exposed again? It’s just such a sharp line where it failed.

This is using Siraya Tech grey, temp 80f +/- 2f, clean plate, new FEP, new LCD, re-levelled plate.

I’ve printed something like 65 liters of resin or more with this printer, and never have had a problem like this.

Any thoughts?

Should it be a platform level issue? Readjust the platform level. And check if the Z-axis screw is loose. When printing, make sure the locking screws on both sides of the hopper are tightened

Maybe too much suction? With that many supports it becomes like a huge Raft.