Strange Doubling Issue

I haven’t had a successful print in months, not since the firmware update. I keep getting this weird blurry/doubling effect on every print I do.

I’ve tried to install a fresh version of CHITUBOX on another computer, used a different USB stick, confirmed that the firmware on the Peopoly is all the way updated and that it’s the most recent version of CHITUBOX, tried many different STLs, confirmed that the supports aren’t slipping (actually the supports keep doubling also)…

I’m very stuck and frustrated. I have a $3000 paperweight and I don’t even know what to test next.

The LCD screen was purchased from Peopoly and has only been in use for a 1-2 months. I’ve never had a successful print with it. Is it possible the LCD screen is defective? Could that cause this sort of doubling?

If it’s the software/firmware for Peopoly, is there a way to reset it back to factory settings and reinstall the firmware update?

Please please help!

Sorry to hear about your printing problem. The most effective way to provide you with the best answer is to get as much information as possible from you.
The information we need from you:

order number
Where you are
Machine serial number (at the switch position in the lower right corner of the device)
Question survey information This is a support survey and covers factors that affect all key factors. Some may be answered, while others seem to be irrelevant to the question at hand. Please answer as completely as possible:

You can download it as a Word file and put the answer in

Can I just get a quick answer on the “Doubling” issue pictured above? Is it likely the LCD screen that I purchased from Peopoly?

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