Straight objects and lines end up curving


I’ve been trying to print this this object unsuccessfully. I’ve tried diagonal orientation as suggested in all the guides, it always ends up distorted. I get my best results printing it horizontally as it is in this printscreen:


However, it always ends up slightly distorted, the line in the top is a bit curved:

It’s more noticeable in this picture:

I’ve run the galvo test calibration circle, it seems fine, all leveling pegs are within the right measurements.
I don’t see how to get rid of distortion in straight objects, it’s like SLA is only good for organic shapes. I’m using the default settings in the Moai 200, with tough peopoly resin.

Any tips?

that can be an affect with the peal force. you would want to orient the model different so there is less peal happening. either at least a 45 to 180 degree on the Z axis.

Give it a shot with that and then update us please

Hello Joao,

you printed in a particularly critical area where normal distortion is greatest. See the following post:

With the Moai 200, the deviation on the X axis is up to 4 mm in the corner (with the Moai 130, it is slightly less).

Asura 2.24 has a calibration profile (moai200_calib), which should reduce the distortion. To my knowledge, it has not yet been extensively tested. Did you use this profile?

In addition, you can place your print object in the area I marked in green, since the distortion is the smallest. Vertical (rotated 90 degrees) in the center would be ideal:


The peeling cannot be the cause of these lateral crooked edges (in the X-Y plane).

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Thanks for the reply.

Now that seems like a good possible explanation. I’ll take a look into that.
I’ve been using cura so far, I guess I have to use Asura to eliminate that variable from the equation and try that calibration profile.

Thanks for the help, now I’m feeling hopeful that I can obtain better prints.

Try to orient the part also
the bottom of the part is not strait due to part of the layer got ripped and stick to the next
it’s what happens when you try to lay the print parallel with the build plate above supports
the results as you can see in the picture, it show up clearly with geometric shapes

So how do I print an object parallel to the bed like this without supports? Because if I just print it directly on the bed of the moai 200, the bed has holes, and those holes will appear in the bottom of the print as little bubbles.

what i meant was to try to orient your print, avoid placing it parallel in any cases
big changes in contact surface area will damage the model