Still having SD Card issues


I received a replacement SD card reader from Imakr this morning.
Plugged it in and it seemed to be working fine with a display on the LCD and the startup procedure.
Decided to bolt it in place, even using spacer washers for the bracket as recommended.
Now it starts up but just displays a white screen.
Remove the SD card reader and it starts up and displays the correct screen.
Now it just displays a white screen again.
Is it the LCD panel board ? and not the card reader ? or another duff card reader ?
I have had the machine for two weeks now and am rapidly getting disheartened.



Check out the pins on the reader. It is a common problem that one or more pins don’t get soldered and could move into a position to short against another pin. Not impossible to have received a bad replacement.



Thanks for your comment, but I am aware of the pins problem. I am wondering whether it is the socket on the LCD display board. I have a third SD card reader coming. If that one doesn’t cure it or it is the LCD board I think it is refund or exchange time. Meantime I have had orders cancelled due to this machine not working and costing over 3 times the price of the Anycubic Photon which worked for 18 months before i wore it out.