Starting over and need some help

Hello, I’ll start out with the short version. Months ago I purchased a Moai 130. During setup I added too much resin. The build plate forced resin out of the vat and all over the machine. I was able to protect the laser components and most of the electrical connections. The only thing I had to replace was the tilt motor. Machine has been completely cleaned up, calibrated and leveled. I want to run the test file P_yuan-test.gcode but after clicking yes to print nothing happens. Also, I believe I messed up the SD card trying to format it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks…

Reformat the SD card or get another card and try again. Make sure the test gcode file is in the “gcode” folder on the card. Does the build plate move to the top when you first turn on the power?

Thank you rowiac for your response, I did reformat different SD card and added the “gcode” folder. I was able to put the ring test file in the folder. The print was successful. I then exported a .stl file I had to Asura. Followed the steps to slice and add the supports. My first attempt failed but it must not have been orientated properly because I repositioned it and the second attempt produced a perfect part. Not sure if this is beginners luck but I going to try another print today and see how it goes. Thanks again for responding.

I’m glad it’s working for you. I am still amazed at the detail I can get out of this machine. I initially had a problem with my Moai only printing half of a part. It turned out to be a bad gcode file, which probably happened when I transferred the file to the SD card from my computer. Now I am very careful to eject the card before removing it and to insert and remove cards from the Moai with the power off. I don’t know it that makes any difference, but I haven’t had any problems since.

I’ve decided to use a specific SD card just for exporting/importing file. I reformat it every time now. Not really sure that’s necessary but read where it helps reduce the possibility of bad files. I was inspecting my part further this morning and noticed some flaws. It shows layer lines and there were a couple of small dimples in the part as well. I printed it at 100um so I’m going to try it again at 40um. I’m assuming this should make a difference. If you don’t mind my asking what resin do you use? I’m printing model car parts and the Peopoly Professional UV gray resin seems very brittle. I’ve not done a great deal of research as to the variety of resins available but is there another resin more suitable for model car parts?

I’m using the standard Peopoly Professional UV white resin, with mostly good results for about 750 ml of it so far. I’m still a beginner with this machine, and most (if not all) of my print failures have been my fault–bad model, not enough support, etc. The white resin is fairly brittle as well. Perhaps you could add ribs or additional thickness in the areas of high stress.

Thanks rowiac, appreciate the help. I’m going to look into the resins to see what else is available.