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I have several 3D printers (including two Moai) and am looking at getting a Phenom -or two. Speed is an attractive consideration as well as size, and I had read at the time of release that the Phenom L is significantly faster (up to 30%?) than the standard Phenom. however, I’ve been experimenting with Chitubox and some of the models I intend to print and I noticed that the Phenom L estimation is actually a fair bit longer in terms of print time. Can any one shed any light on this and confirm the speed delta between these machines?

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The printing speed is related to the resin you choose. Phenom L printed on the same resin is not much different from standard Phenom, and the printing volume is 50% larger.

Could it be that you mean the Noir?

Noir equipment has the fastest printing speed, 25-30mm/hour. It is about 50% faster than phenom.

No, at the time of launch, Peopoly stated (and repeated by several reviewers at the time) that it was faster than the phenom, this video from peopoly states 20% faster than the phenom and significantly after still than other resin printers.

I’m just checking whether something has changed (different resins or peel settings perhaps?) or is there an incorrect profile for the in the slicer?

this is the statement I’m referring to.

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This is a reference to the monochrome DLP printing method over the laser SLA method. Average cure time per layer on standard DLP is 9-12 seconds. With the Monochrome DLP it’s about 2 seconds. SLA Layer speed depends on a lot of factors so varies greatly and averages at 20 seconds.
Speed rating
FDM > SLA > DLP > Monochrome DLP.
The Phenom L and Noir are using Monochrome screens and increase the lifespan and decrease the layer time. They’re wonderful printers as a result.

Thanks for the reply, so the L is actually using a monochrome UVLED now, like the noir?

I was thinking it did, but I cannot find documentation to prove it so it appears not. I can see the documentation on the Noir and it uses the Monochrome screen.
The Phenom L is larger than the Noir, and because of a monochrome screen the Noir seems the better buy.

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Only Noir uses a monochrome screen