Sonic Mega 8k LCD Screen damaged twice, puzzled


Our company recently purchased a Sonic Mega 8k and had been using it fine for awhile but recently had an issue regarding the LCD screen.

After a few random failed prints one week, we noticed that there was a nick in the middle of the vat tray film which also went through to the LCD screen rendering it unusable. We thought at first it might have been an old cured piece of resin may have gotten stuck on the build tray or on the film from a prior print and caused this to occur. Since it had been working for awhile, this very well could have been a human error.

We then changed out the LCD screen for a brand new one, with filtered clean resin, a scraped and IPA-treated build tray, and everything else seemingly in top notch condition. After 2 failed test prints, upon removing the resin vat I noticed the same exact issue with an even larger nick in the film (same area too) and in the LCD screen, once again rending it unusable entirely. We are stumped on how this could have happened as everything was checked thoroughly for these test prints as we were already down a few hundred to replace the otherwise fine first LCD screen, but now another failure here is leaving us all frustrated.

There is no noticeable bump or defect on the build plate, but could this have to do with a possible error in the build plate with it having those cylinder cutouts? Has any other user experienced something like this before? I’m not opposed to chalking this up to human error twice, it happens, I just was hoping to see if this problem is common with this printer/build tray or if there is another reason that anyone can think of that could have caused this.

Thank you for reading!