Something very strange with my new Moai


I am a Mac user I am using Mojave 10.14. I use fusion 360 to create objects and then I send that object to meshmixer and then I send it to XYZware To generate the support I do that and then I send it to Cura to be sliced. Everything seems to be fine up to that point. However when I take the corresponding file to the Moai it prints all the supports but not the object very strange. Can you offer any advice anything would help



What version of Cura are you using? 3.5.1 is the suggested version made for the customized Moai profiles.



I am using 3.5.1 . I am going to disingenuous something simple and try again. This is quite frustrating.



I hate auto spell . What I said was I am going to design something simple and try again



Try using Asura3d for the supports. It is Peopoly’s own front-end for cura. I always get the best results with hollows, holes, and supports from Asura.

Caveat: I use the windoze version of Asura.



It could also be that the supports aren’t strong enough so that mid print the supports are produced but the object gets pulled off due to the suction and then doesn’t develop further, leaving only the supports without any sign of the object. That has happened to me several times until I really bulked up the support.

You might try Meshmixer for adding support instead of XYZware, just for the time being. Meshmixer usually has way TOO much support, but at least you will know you have that base covered as you try to whittle down the problem.

Here are the suggested settings from Peopoly if using Meshmixer.[]=meshmixer

In Cura, you might also try clicking on “Layer View,” which is located on the main 3D viewport view. You’ll see a drop down labeled “Solid View,” near the top and just right of center. Click that and switch to “Layer View” and inspect the model to see if layers are being rendered appropriately.

Lastly, since you are on a Mac (as I am too) every time you shut down your computer or restart your computer you have to go back into the g-code and add a “Search and Replace” script as discussed in this file:[]=cura.

If you forget the \n and \r\n settings, that will result in a slicing problem on the Mac too. If you constantly use sleep mode to put your computer to sleep you shouldn’t have to modify the g-code over and over again. I only remodify the g-code on a full computer shutdown or a full shutdown of the Cura program (I just permanently minimize the program when not in use).

Hopefully some of those tips will resolve the printing issue.



Thanks I do most of those things but I will go through the whole process over using yalls help



If you still experience problems, a picture might help others diagnose the problem. I’ve only had my Moai for a couple months, but I too went through a ton of growing pains with lots of failed prints and logistical/calibration tweaks.

There is definitely a steep learning curve that can be very aggravating, but once you get this figured out the Moai slowly becomes a treasure to work with. More experienced people will be able to respond once the weekend is in full swing.



easiest way to deal with this is either to increase the density of the support or the tip size