Some of my prints from Moai 130

I’ve been printing mostly miniatures but have printed some more useful things here and there. Currently working on designing a sample plate for my work as well, that will be printed on Moai.

Inceptor Space Marine.

Smash Captain with Wolverine head.

Experimenting with miniature moving trays:

Using bits and pieces to Kitbash minis:


Curing chamber. I use it with the fan blowing on the sides as it warms up quite a bit. Also Made a top with an opening for Moai UV light to supplement, when I really, really, really ridiculously need to cure stuff (something like 90W total UV equivalent) :slight_smile:




It’s looks like you had a similar to idea to me for a curing chamber. I’m using a stock pot with the Peopoly UV lamp. I fill the pot with water. Works pretty well, but doesn’t look as cool as yours. I’m relying on the shiny interior to reflect UV light all around the part.

Yours definitely looks a lot more professionally done than what I have. This was a second hand printer and initially it came with a glass jar chamber that was coated on the outside with the Silver paint and Peopoly UV light was attached to the lid (please pardon the mess in the pictures):

Then I bought and converted one of the pans into a curing chamber.
I have a big print coming up so I will be trying this 2L beaker inside as a water container.

An when I really want to blast the part with UV the Moai Light goes on top like in your setup (but much more duct-tapey)

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