[SOLVED] Platform Rod Loose Inside Silver Brackets


Hi All,

I just received my Moai today and have begun assembly. I see numerous references in build instructions and troubleshooting advice to ensuring that the platform is secure on its rod and that the rod is secure inside the silver brackets holding it to the frame.

For example:

However, despite tightening all 6 screws touching the silver brackets, the rod can still slide easily inside the brackets - so it sounds like I have the issue mentioned by @Peopoly at the end of the quote.

I also tested the 4 set screws adjacent to the platform. 2 of these (one on each side) arrived stripped, but the other 2 seem snug. I can tell by feel that the rod is moving inside the brackets rather than the platform moving on the rod.

I loosened the 6 bracket screws, first retightened the screws underneath the bracket and then retightened the 4 screws holding the brackets to the frame. All are as tight as I can make them without stripping. The platform+rod assembly still slides easily in the forward/backward direction. The brackets don’t even seem close to snug on the rod - I can almost fit a fingernail between them.

I could not find a similar issue on the forum already. Any advice? Am I misunderstanding, and this is normal?



i really don’t think it’s possible when the screws are drilled through the metal frame, best to upload some pictures or video so we can see your problem


Hi @peopolysupport, thanks for your reply. I think I have found the problem.

After removing the silver brackets, I attempted to tighten the bottom screw onto the rod, without worrying about the frame. As before, I could not tighten enough for them not to slide easily on the rod.

Then I removed the screws and see that the head of the screw is rubbing against the bracket. It seems that the screw could be tighter if the base of the screw head were not so wide. This picture shows them disassembled, and where each has been rubbing on the other:

Then I noticed that the bracket is not totally symmetrical. There is one direction (the direction screws are pre-installed in the bracket when receiving the Moai) that works. The other direction will prevent the brackets from tightening sufficiently, as shown:

Thinking back, I caused this issue myself. I first installed the brackets such that these screw heads would point towards the inside of the case. Thinking then that it would be easier to access them later if they pointed toward the outside of the case, I removed them and turned them around, not knowing the bracket is asymmetrical. I should have removed the brackets and flipped them instead of reversing the screw direction.

I tested these on the rod with the screws in the original position and they now seem to be able to tighten sufficiently. I will leave this topic up in case others create the same problem for themselves in the future.