[Solved] First time leveling, FEP and easy-level, too little pressure?



As I’ve never used a PMDS vat (printer just started moving today), my understanding is that I should not touch the screws underneath the vat whatsoever, and should only follow https://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:levelingnewplate

My first attempt I got:
A (didn’t stick)
B (didn’t stick)
C 11.63
D 11.74

Given those were much too long… or missing, I figured the pressure was much too low. The instructions above only says to push lightly, but I cleaned up and did it again, this time pushing pretty forcefully. I could put more pressure, but I certainly did not push lightly.

Second attempt:
A 11.45
B 11.20
C 11.06
D 10.84

So still a half mm or so out of spec altogether. Given I’ve already applied more pressure than instructed, I’d figure I’d ask here - Should I just keep going, clean up and level once more pushing even harder? Or are the large numbers here despite the extra pressure a sign something else is wrong?


EZ-Bed Leveling

reading through these threads might help, I have helped with very similar problems before:



@JackyBoy Thanks a bunch - I clearly did not search for older threads as well as I thought and that is pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Will give another go at it later today!

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After some more fiddling along the lines of the linked thread I’m looking pretty good

A 10.52
B 10.62
C 10.34
D 10.52




Hey! nice one, all looking pretty even, but I would like them a little taller.

I would just lower your Z level a little, probably by 3. So if it is 1817 now, change it to 1814. This should keep the pegs level but put slightly less pressure on the VAT