So when the new vats are released will there be


here you go, guys:

and the FEP printing guide:


Could I use the FEP vat with DLP resin without degrading or damaging the FEP film?


The polymerization reaction probably won’t fog the film as easily as PDMS. However, the resin may bond more tightly to the FEP than it would in a DLP printer. You will likely have to adjust the laser power carefully.


I have actually just pulled a print off with relative success. No fogging, but the print is thicker than it should be. I figure my power is too high and I am over curing a lot. Trying again now


Remember that DLP resin has a much higher titer of photoinitiator than laser SLA resin. This means that out-of-plane energy will cause the resin to polymerize. Were the details of the print washed out as well?


The details were slightly washed out.
They seemed more like everything is softer around the edges and not as crisp as the Peopoly Neon.
I am using the Photocentric UV DLP Castable blend.
I have been reducing the laser power incrementally. It seems as though 49 is the sweet spot.

In this photo you can see the waxcast on the left (The only thing I have ever succeeded at printing with waxcast) and the photocentric on the right.

The waxcast is pretty crisp and the photocentric has a bit of a minicus in each of the little corners.
Both are printed at 100um