So when the new vats are released will there be


Additional galvo protection? My biggest fear is a puncture spilling resin all over the bottom of the unit.


There’s already a clear acrylic cover plate to deflect splashes. Do you mean something even more protective than that, or do you have one of the early models that didn’t have one?


No the new fep vats. I assume it’s like all the others where the film is also the resin tank. A puncture in the film means more than a “splash” guard is needed.


there are some protective features built into film based vat. it is not the same as LCD vat since Moai has larger print area and film needs support to tension properly.


Could you have a FEP layer atop an acrylic layer so the flex is given by the FEP but a rigid Acrylic plate gives tear protection.

@Peopoly, id be happy to design and give this a test in the real world if i can get hands on a new vat.


I’m really really hoping the bottom acrylic layer is removed completely. They are so easily scratched I have 3 of them I’m trying everything to remove the scratches and polish.


Try a headlight refurbishment kit. It is basically different grit polishes for removing oxidation from plastic. Several users have reported success using those kits to remove cured resin from the acrylic.

As for the FEP bed, it will require something under the film, otherwise it will flex and tear under the build surface. The usual use case for FEP has the film on top of the LCD or window if a DLP-type printer. In that instance, the window or screen supports the FEP. We are not getting away from the acrylic window (most likely), just the PDMS.


I have been. I can get them to about 80% but never like they are new.

If you do go with an acrylic underneath I assume it’ll be replaceable then since the rest is aluminum. That would make me a lot happier.


yes, those bottom plate can be replaced or if you like, use glasses.


I’ve tried to use the glass zvat but there’s so much suction between it and the build plate it never releases. Not sure if it’s the glass that makes it an issue or not


And ordered ! ! !
With some Resin and FEP-Film! :slight_smile:


how good is the FEP film? AKA how many replacements should I get :slight_smile:


Do you mean the zvat with the PDMS?


it is a new vat we made. no lost print volume and much easier to pour. all metal construction except when plastic/silicone is needed


Already ordered that a week ago:grin::grinning: I was asking Bluemeanietsi


I was speaking of the peopoly vats.


The glass zvat uses PDMS not FEP


Not sure where the zvat came into this discussion we’ve been talking about peopoly fep vats.

I have a zvat, doesn’t work too well with the moai.


When you said this in a earlier post


i noticed that there’s no rubber layer to seel the vat, will it cause some leaking problems?
as my lcd printer’s vat has a layer of rubber between the wall of the vat and the FEP, works well, no leaking problem. so i have no idea if it is necessary to add it.