Smooth Setting in the menu

Quoting from the Moai Settings page on the Peopoly Blog.


This deals the slight delay in which laser is firing. It will be removed from menu shortly and please ignore this value. The default value is 50.

Is this setting used to make sure the laser is on before any movement of the galvos are executed?

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yes. but the effect is not obvious. likely to be removed.

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Mark Peng:
A question about smoothing:
do you think its possible to do a “half-curing” outer perimeter, which would effectively make a smoother transition between 2 layers?
Basically, either lower laser power or higher speed on the outside of a layer, so that the resin cures partially, creating a “gap filler”?
Not sure how to explain it properly, and if its possible, but could potentially make layer lines disappear more.

layer 1 : x10mm y10mm
Layer 2 : x9.90mm y 9.90mm
On layer layer 2, add the “half cure” at x9.95mm y 9.95mm into the Gcode
This would make the transition smoother.

I think you can achieve that with Cura print speed for walls. Speed also affect curing and is a much delicate adjustment than laser power. And Gcode cannot access laser power at this time.

but basically what would be needed is an addition to cura, I think.
Model the way cura would slice it:
layer 1 : x10mm y10mm
Layer 2 : x9.90mm y 9.90mm
but there would need to be that “half cure” that would smooth the layers. as this is not in the model, basically it would have to be added in software.

attached graphic which hopefully explains how I mean this, as I am not sure how to explain what I have in mind.

Interesting ideas. This will be all slicer work, perhaps a post-processing script.
Kisslicer has 2.5 wall options, perhaps you can look into that. We have not gotten a good KISS setup to print yet but we are close. They also doesn’t do 70% infill

yes, this should be in slicer with a script. possibly with a quantifier, meaning that if e.g. the x-y difference between 2 layers is less than 0.01mm, then don’t do it, if more, then do it. Meaning if things are quite vertical, there is no visible layer lines anyway, but if things get more horizontal, there are visible steps.
Not sure if a plugin in the new Cura may work, just read that the new version allows for plug ins.
May look at the Kisslicer, but I don’t know anything about programming and the likes, so its something for you :slight_smile:

what exactly does turning smooth setting to 0 do to the print? Anything?

From my understanding and I could be wrong, it has to do with the timing of the galvo movement and the laser.
I’m assuming if Smooth was turned to 0 the galvos would be moving before the laser has a chance fire. I’m also guessing you might have a zipper effect if the start and end points of each layer were aligned.

it turns off laser slightly before the end of the line to avoid over-curing at end points. not seeing any effect at the test so will remove this from menu

I was just thinking of this today… only with the added function of pulsing the laser to make a stippled surface - hiding the line layers even more.

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replied in another thread. this smooth setting is now defunt.