Small Bubbles on my prints


Today I printed a very small model, the overall impression was good, but the model end up with several small bubbles.
Does anyone know what can it be?
my configuration:

Vat: PMDS (brand new)
Resin: Peopoly Grey (brand new)
Slicer: Asura 2.2.1 at peopoly moia 20um 35 ( i already test slicing on Cura, and the same issue happens)
Rom temperature: about 27C
Peo temperature: betwen 25-30 (i have a heater install)
Last calibration: A-10.70 , B- 10.69, C-10.69 , D-10.71
Supports made in ChiTuBox
Firmware version 1.18
Machine config:

X Size 900
Y Size 900
X Deviation 100
Y Deviation 100
Smooth 50
Z Motor Speed 2
PM Motor Speed 15

Laser Power 58
XY Speed Set 4
Z Reset Position 1877
PM Reset Position 10
Z Follows 2
CompensateX 100
CompensateY 200
Z Initial Speed 2
PM Initial Speed 10


If you use an ultrasonic cleaner, then it could be cavitation damage.

Or, if you shook the resin very vigorously and didn’t allow it enough time for the mixed-in air to escape, then this could also be the source. To avoid this, you can use a hairdryer to heat the resin in the vat, which will cause the air bubbles to rise and escape very quickly.

Those are the only two reasons I can think of. I haven’t seen an effect like this before on my own prints, though.


Do you Post Cure in water by chance?


could be, mate
i used ultrasonic cleaner with IPA to clean the uncured resin of the model, and I also sook vigorously the resin before put on the vat tank.


after the print was completed, i clean the uncured resin with a ultrasonic cleaner with IPA and then put in a glass of water…that proceder is wrong?


Nope, that is close to what I do, I’m just wondering if you notice those bubbles when taking the pieces out of the IPA. I’ve had the issue where my water hasn’t fully settled from the tap and I’ve had tons of small bubbles all over the surface. I use Clear resin so I really have to look at the whole piece sometimes.


is the bubbles appeared before or after the curing process?
i’m not recommend to use ultra sonic cleaner, rather a small paint brush will do the job much faster and cleaner


for every small print, especially when features are critical, use brushes made with hair and ethanol to do dip and clean. That is how jeweler do cleaning. It is fast, thorough and non-destructive. IPA + ultrasonic can be quite harsh on the model