Sludge on bottom of VAT Phenom L

No matter what I print, there is a sludge film that accumulates on the bottom of the VAT. It gets worse the larger the print is. In other words if the print takes a long time the sludge is thicker and uglier. It is also always thickest at the same shape as the base layer. It’s as if either the UV is WAAAAAY too strong or the negative spaces of the design being displayed on the screen is not blocking the UV as well as other printers. Yes I have tried several settings and tried the same designs on other printers and they work fine. I am at a loss and don’t know what to do any longer……

My last settings for trying to print using Siraya Tech Fast was 4 base layers at 17 sec. exposure and 7 .2 seconds exposure.

I have used 14 second exposure in the perfect conditions and was able to get the print to grab the plate…anything lower and it fails.

I have also tried Lychee slicer to see if it was something with my software but have the same results.

I just received the printer early October and have yet to get anything to print on it and have spent hundreds of dollars in resin, FEP, and clean up materials trying to test and troubleshoot. The thing is so big and slow it takes forever to run tests but now I am at the point of giving up.

Your base layer settings are wrong for the Phenom L, try this:

Those are the settings I originally started with. At 70 seconds the sludge is immediate.That’s what I was trying to convey. The longer my exposures the worse the sludge is. It really is as if the black is not blocking the UV good at all…it does some but not well…

Could be the display, try to do a dry print by removing the vat and the build plate and see if you have light leaks and what you see on the display.

You need the 70 seconds for the Bottom Layers because the L does not have Mono screen.

I have the same problems!
I don’t yet know what’s causing it neither, same printer and also siraya tech resin. I tried half of all siraya tech rein types and all of them have the same result.
Was it like this out of the box? For this LCD screen I had no issues the first couple of prints.
And there were no apparent light leak when doing dry runs with out the vat.

Here’s an image with siraya tech fast:

For sharing the print settings, the resin needs to be stirred well before use. And check whether there is ultraviolet light leakage around the screen. If you need further help, please contact us by email so that the peopoly technical team can help you in time.

Have you been able to figure this problem out ? I can’t get any traction on support through e-mail…

Tell us in detail what you have done so far.

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